Saturday, November 7, 2015

TWQA Introduces New Website Security Policies

Responding to increasing usage on the TWQA website, the Association recently implemented new log in credentials designed to improve website security. Association staff pointed out that, while no member information has been compromised and no unauthorized visitors have accessed restricted member pages, the significant increase in web site utilization warranted a review of, and updates to, several security policies. 

The most significant change is that, going forward, members who have not updated their default passwords will be required to do so before accessing any restricted pages or features. In addition, new passwords must meet specific 'complexity' requirements to further protect member access and information. 

New passwords have been generated on behalf of members who have not already updated their credentials. When those members are ready to access restricted member pages, they can simply click on 'Forgot Password' on the Log In page. They will then receive an email with instructions on how to log in to the web site and change their credentials.

Members who have already updated their password will not be affected by the new requirements until they change their credentials.  

Questions about any of these changes can be forwarded to Daina Grace, TWQA Executive Director, by email or phone (361.573-6707), or to TWQA Technical Support.