Tuesday, October 3, 2017

TWQA Publishes New Technical Aids

As part of our ongoing effort to provide tools and assistance to Texas water quality providers and consumers, TWQA has incorporated two new features in our internet presence.

A permanent 'Disaster Recovery' link has been added to the front page of the TWQA website (https://twqa.org). This link provides all visitors with critical information regarding the steps to take when recovering from hurricanes and other flooding-related natural disasters.

In addition, TWQA has set up a technical assistance email, techissues@twqa.org, that can be used by member- and non-member providers, and the general public, when they are facing water quality-related issues and need additional assistance.

When asked about the purpose of the new email, Daina Grace, TWQA Executive Director, replied:

"We want TWQA to be the go-to site for individuals needing assistance regarding water-related issues. The new technical assistance email provides an additional avenue for getting that assistance."

For questions about this article, contact TWQA by email or phone (361.573-6707).